is the online resource for information on high throughput sample preparation for bioanalysis. Here you can view upcoming scientific events. Link to information on the pharmaceutical industry, such as professional associations and the companies who manufacture or supply products or services for your bioanalytical laboratory.

Sample Prep Solutions (SPS) helps laboratory professionals improve sample prep productivity. We offer professional education and training services for high throughput sample preparation and related automation. Read more about how SPS can help your lab.

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Genomics: Automation of Sample Preparation for Genomics (71 kb )

Proteomics: Directions in Automated Sample Preparation of Proteins
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Comprehensive Sampling and Sample Preparation is a four-volume book published mid-July 2012. It provides the fundamentals of sample prepration in the Biological, Medical, Forensic, Food, Environmental and Beverage segments. Print ISBN 9780123813732, Electronic ISBN 9780123813749
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Dr. Wells wrote a chapter on automating sample preparation with liquid chromatography - Buy chapter here from Science Direct or view detailed table of contents PDF


Want to implement 96-well plate techniques in your laboratory and use automation to its full potential? SPS can review the applications, introduce the available technologies and get you started performing 96-well solid phase extraction in a short time. View abstracts of published papers...